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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Catholic Charities of Tennessee website. We hope that you easily will find the information you are seeking, whether for you or for someone you know in need.

Please use this site to learn more about the work of Catholic Charities, too, and, hopefully, to become a part of our organization as a volunteer, a donor, or both. Our purpose is to reach out to the community through acts of love, goodwill and kindness; we see this website as one additional way we can implement these acts.

At Catholic Charities, we know that our goal of contributing to our community in a way that allows people to thrive and live their best life is a significant undertaking. We face this challenge head on one day at a time, one person at a time, and one family at a time.

Our work is carried out through the continued efforts of our remarkable staff who are driven to work toward accomplishing our vision day in and day out. Offering encouragement and guidance to our clients, the programs we offer at Catholic Charities are high quality and have a high impact for people in need of our services. I take this time to publicly thank each of our staff that help the people who cross our paths move forward with hope, dignity and a plan for a better future.

Judy Orr
Executive Director

Catholic Charities of Tennessee Leadership Team

Judy Orr, Executive Director
Office: (615) 760-4419
Fax: (615) 352-8591
Email: JKOrr@cctenn.org

Mark Barry

Mark Barry, Department Director
Communications and Fundraising
Office: (615) 760-1028
Fax: (615) 352-8591
Email: MBarry@cctenn.org

Kelley Branson

Kellye Branson, Department Director
Refugee and Immigration Services
Office: (615) 760-2777
Fax: (615) 259-2851
Email: KBranson@cctenn.org

Holly Johnson

Holly Johnson, State Coordinator
Tennessee Office for Refugees
Office: (615) 354-5700
Fax: (615) 352-0701
Email: HJohnson@cctenn.org

Shirley Lopehandia

Shirley Lopehandia, Operations Director
Office: (615) 760-4418
Fax: (615) 352-8591
Email: SLopehandia@cctenn.org

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