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JOB FILLED: School Counselor

Posted 07/16/2018

CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF TENNESSEE, INC.POSITION ANNOUNCEMENTSchool CounselorCatholic Charities is seeking candidates for the position of SCHOOL COUNSELOR in Social Services. This is a 50%, ten-month position, based in Davidson County. Regular working hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Office location is 2806 McGavock Pike in the Opryland area of … read more >>

Former Catholic Charities Board President Paul Ney Confirmed as General Counsel for Dept. of Defense

Posted 07/12/2018

NOTE: Paul Ney served as President of the Board of Trustees of Catholic Charities of Tennessee twice, once before his first "tour of duty" in Washington and once after. He was also instrumental in the success of several Celebration of Mission to Service fundraising events. ~ The following story was posted by The Tennessean on July 12, 2018. It was written by … read more >>

Catholic Charities of Tennessee Announces 2018-19 Board Officers & New Members

Posted 07/03/2018

The Board of Trustees for Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc. has elected officers and new members for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, according to Pamela Russo, executive director of the agency. The officer terms began on July 1, 2018 and run through June 30, 2019. Executive Committee members for 2018-2019 are: President John Rodgers (pictured at left), Partner, Bradley … read more >>

I am a famous fashion designer, a Mexican immigrant and American success story (Manuel Cuevas, Guest Op-Ed Columnist, The Tennessean

Posted 06/27/2018

Heritage is much of what makes us whole. Whether it is where we were born, or where and how we grew up, our history - our heritage - is part of our personal fabric.As we celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month in June across the nation and in Nashville, I would like to share my story and the opportunities I have been given in the United States, and in Music City's booming … read more >>

The Catholic Church's long history of resettling refugees in the U.S. (Courtney Grogan, Catholic News Agency,

Posted 06/23/2018

The Catholic Church has resettled nearly one-third of all refugees received by the United States since 1980 through a public-private partnership with a high rate of successful integration of refugees into society, according to a report released in June 2018.The Center for Migration Studies report examines data on 1.1 million of the refugees resettled in the U.S. from 1987 … read more >>

Some At Risk Of Hepatitis A Take Convincing To Get Free Vaccine (Blake Farmer [story & photo], WPLN)

Posted 06/22/2018

Health workers in Nashville have turned their focus to homeless people amid a growing outbreak of hepatitis A and some of the first diagnosed cases among people living on the streets. They're finding it takes some convincing to get many to agree to a vaccination. This week, nurses from the state and Metro health departments have been inoculating people at soup kitchens and … read more >>

Catholic Charities Of Tennessee Ready To Help In Border Crisis (Matthew Torres, WTVF - News Channel 5)

Posted 06/20/2018

Officials at Catholic Charities of Tennessee said the executive order to stop family separation at the southern border is the right step and added they're on standby to assist other agencies.On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed the order to keep children and their parents together after crossing the border illegally.It was part of the … read more >>

Refugee Services Kicks Off Refugee Team Mentoring Program (Anneke Valk, Refugee Services)

Posted 06/19/2018

Newly arrived refugees often face a myriad of confusing challenges as they begin their new lives here in Middle Tennessee. Catholic Charities Refugee Services is kicking off a new mentoring program that will match a volunteer team of 4-6 members with a newly-arrived family."Over a period of at least 6 months, family mentor teams will work with refugee families to … read more >>

U.S. Bishops' Migration Chairman Urges Administration to Keep Families Together (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)

Posted 06/01/2018

The Department of Homeland Security has recently acknowledged implementation of the policy. . . of separating families arriving at the U.S./Mexico Border. Most Reverend Joe S. Vásquez, Bishop of Austin and Chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' (USCCB) Committee on Migration, issued the following statement in response:"Forcibly separating … read more >>

A Strong Foundation: Matt Davis '89 and the story of his families, reconnections and life (Irish Ayes, Father Ryan High School)

Posted 05/18/2018

This article and the accompanying photos appear courtesy of Father Ryan High School, Nashville, TN.In elementary school years ago, a class project often entailed drawing a family tree, a project that would help young students connect with their ancestors. The student would fill in the roots of the tree with the names of grandparents and conclude with the child's own name at … read more >>

Waiting List for Andrew Jackson Courts to Open at Noon May 14, 2018: Catholic Charities to assist with process (The Tennessee Tribune)

Posted 05/12/2018

Online Only Applications Will Be Accepted on a First-Come, First-Served BasisThe Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA) will open its waiting list for Andrew Jackson Courts on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at noon May 14 and continuing through 3 p.m. May 25, 2018. Anyone currently on the Andrew Jackson Courts waiting list will need to … read more >>

IN MY WORDS: Helping Your Child Deal with Stress (Melissa Smith, School Counselor, Catholic Charities of Tennessee)

Posted 05/09/2018

Adults are not the only people affected by stress. Children, even young ones, can feel the effects of stress in their lives. As parents and caregivers, we want our children to be happy and healthy. When your child is stressed, there are steps you can take to help them cope. First, know that children may not be able to verbalize that they are feeling stressed. Instead, … read more >>

Catholic Charities Fundraiser Helps Provide to Community (WSMV-Channel 4, Chuck Morris)

Posted 05/04/2018

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - As Nashville grows, so does the need to help the less fortunate.One of Nashville's largest charities got a boost on Friday morning with a blessing from the new bishop.Click on WSMV logo for video link.Catholic Charities hosted its annual Pathways to Possibilities breakfast at the Music City Center.All of the money raised funds 50 different programs in … read more >>

Catholic Charities ‘Blessed’ to have Support from Bishop’s Annual Appeal (Tennessee Register, Andy Telli)

Posted 05/04/2018

Catholic Charities of Tennessee often is the face of the Church in the community. It is there to provide job training to the jobless, to help a homeless person rebuild their life, to help a child deal with fallout from trauma in their lives, to help couples give a child a loving home, to help a refugee navigate life in America. As Catholic Charities reaches out to help … read more >>

Stress and Older Adults (Individual & Family Counseling, Catholic Charities of Tennessee)

Posted 04/25/2018

Mildred decides it is time to give up her car. Jimmy realizes he cannot maintain his family home's yard. Pearl begins getting frustrated when she cannot remember what it is she needed at the grocery store. Ed and Sue often feel their children are taking on too much of the decision making in their lives; this lowers their self-esteem. Paul attends the funeral of yet … read more >>

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