Back to School Tips (School Counseling, Catholic Charities of TN)

Posted 08/01/2018

Well, it's happened again, another summer in the books! It's a big shift for parents and students from the easy, laid-back summer routine to the measured routine of school, and sometimes that can cause tears, sleepless nights, outbursts, etc. Most kids feel both excited and nervous at the start of a new school year.

Here are a few tips to ease the transition:
Listen to your kids: Let them share their feelings. Don't dismiss their concerns. Ask them about the specifics - what's making you nervous, friends, classes, new teacher?

Let them be the experts: Encourage your child to solve the problem by asking them what would help make them feel better. Parents can also suggest relaxation and breathing strategies to help ease their worries.
Focus on the positive: Talk about what they can look forward to...friends, field trips, etc.

Get a jump on the routine: Don't wait until the night before to send your kids to bed early only to wake them up at the crack of dawn. Ease them back into it...this helps everybody!

Be prepared: That means you mom & dad! If you are running around stressed the morning of school that only rubs off on the kids, and no one likes to start the day stressed out....remember that you set the tone!

Back-to-school jitters are perfectly normal, but if you notice that your child continues to be anxious for more than two weeks, reach out to your teacher, counselor, or pediatrician.

Welcome Back!

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