Kroger & Walmart Gift Cards Needed for New Arrivals

Posted 02/21/2019

When a refugee or immigrant arrives in Nashville, they bring a limited amount of luggage. Uprooting their life is not simple. It requires sacrifice - and not only of their possessions. It brings a loss of community as well. It is a process that can leave them unable to meet even basic needs upon arrival.

Help Catholic Charities support our new neighbors by meeting urgent needs as they arise. Refugee and Immigration Services is currently collecting and will always accept Kroger and Walmart gift cards - donations that are used to feed arrivals in their first days and meet emergency needs when a family has settled.

Grocery store gift cards are instrumental in alleviating the loss that is implicit in resettlement, and their donors lead the way in providing these families with a new - and much-needed - sense of security.

There are three ways to help:

(1) DROP GIFT CARDS OFF at our Catholic Pastoral Center office or MAIL THEM TO US at Catholic Charities (ATTN: Refugee and Immigration Services Gift Cards), 2806 McGavock Pike, Nashville, 37214,

(2) MAIL A CHECK using the same address, and we will purchase gift cards on your behalf, or

(3) MAKE AN ONLINE DONATION at (be sure to include "Refugee and Immigration Services Gift Cards" in the text box on our One-Time Donation page, just above the "Click to Make Donation" box).

Thank you for your continued support.

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