Sewing Training Academy Offers New Classes in New Year

Posted 11/29/2017

NEW Level II Velvet Course
The Level II Atelier Course, as we know it, is focused on more challenging garment construction, but in 2018 we will be introducing a series of shorter Level II courses focused on handling challenging fabrics. This first course tackles the fabric of the season: VELVET!
Duration: 1 week, January 8-12
Time: Mornings, 9AM-12PM
Cost: Based on sliding scale, students pay for materials
Objective: Learn to cut and sew velvet by making a velvet slip dress

Level II Atelier Course: Challenging Construction
Duration: 6 weeks, January 15 - February 22
Time: Monday through Thursday Mornings, 9AM-12PM
Cost: Based on sliding scale, students pay for materials
Objective: Build on knowledge from the Foundations course by sewing a lined dress, a pair of trouser pants, and a button down shirt.

Level I Foundations
Duration: 10 weeks, January 23 - March 22
Time: Tuesdays & Thursday, 5:30 PM-8:15 PM
Cost: Based on sliding scale, please inquire
Objective: Students learn to sew on industrial machines by completing three basic projects, focusing on quality sewing. Students build on their skills by creating items in quantity as a class, getting to know the basics of production sewing.

Cutting Plaids & Stripes: 1 day workshop!
Time: 9PM-1PM
Date: Tentatively Friday, February 2nd
(date & time may be changed based on student interest)
Objective: Want to sew with stripes and plaids (or other prints that need matching) but feeling intimidated? We'll be doing our first 1-day workshop on the subject.
Cost: $30

For all classes, e-mail for more info!

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