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Household Mentor -- Refugee Services

Purpose and Impact: Catholic Charities of Tennessee Refugee and Immigration Services provide a wide array of programs to help newly-arrived refugees acquire skills they need to acclimate to American culture and responsibilities. One of the many steps to understanding and thriving in America is learning the very fundamentals of daily life, tasks that most Americans likely don't think about consciously. Some of our clients are not accustomed to living in a metropolitan environment and thus have to adjust to different standards for cleanliness, learn new sanitation and food storage methods, and learn how to operate basic household appliances. This can be incredibly overwhelming, but it remains a crucial component of successful resettlement. As a Household Mentor, you can help ensure that our clients live healthily and happily in their new home, by conducting once weekly household orientation sessions in clients' homes. Volunteers can work with different families each week or work with one family, depending on volunteer preference and our need.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
- Teach basic sanitation methods, including what soaps and tools to use
- Teach how to properly clean, store and seal food items
- Teach how to use household machines (washer, dryer, dishwasher, air conditioning, etc.)
- Teach where and how to store dishes and other household items

Required Skills/Qualifications:
• Friendly and open-minded
• Patience and flexibility
• Excellent listening and communication
• Independence and creativity
• Desire to work with other cultures, especially non-English speakers
• Access to transportation (with insurance)

Preferred Skills: Proficient foreign language abilities are always a plus!

Time Commitment: We ask for at least 1 hour a week, with an initial 4 month commitment. The hours are flexible and are determined by the volunteer's schedule.

Site and Supervision: You will be supervised by Asrar Babikir, Self-Sufficiency Coordinator. You will meet with families in their homes, in or around the Nashville metro area.

Volunteer Benefits: This role is perfect for volunteers who like to serve autonomously and direct their own projects and goals. Volunteers will be able to assess clients' progress and understanding, and will help determine when the family no longer needs targeted assistance. This is also a great opportunity to make a deep, lasting, and positive impact, all through teaching very simple tasks.

Contact: For more information or to apply for this position, please contact Emily Sellers, Volunteer Coordinator, via email at esellers@cctenn.org or at (615) 259-3567, ext. 1199.

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