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Service to the Poor: We have a preferential option to serve poor and vulnerable people, founded on Sacred Scripture, Catholic traditions, and an overriding sense of the unity of all humanity.

Respect: We respect the value of every human, realizing that this is the basis for all human actions. Our respect is reflected in our attitudes of civility, courtesy, dignity, autonomy, acceptance and tolerance. We honor the sanctity of human life from conception to a natural death.

Integrity: We practice integrity to inspire us to perform the highest quality of work in all we do. It promotes trust with others and dignity in our relationships.

Compassion: We express our compassion toward ourselves and others. It emanates by each of us reflecting God’s image. Our compassion recognizes that faults are part of our humanity. It allows us to treat all people as children of God.

Diversity: We honor all of God’s children. Diversity reflects an inclusion of all religions, language, race and sect and respects the many talents and needs of staff, volunteers and those who seek assistance.

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