Support Teen Counseling

Catholic Charities provides mental health counseling for teens in several Catholic schools across the Diocese of Nashville. Our counseling team has expertise in many fields, including depression, trauma, victims of violence, and much more.

Catholic Charities is honored to be a beneficiary of the Vaughn-Thomas Borum Teen Counseling Fund. Vaughn-Thomas Borum was a vibrant, healthy 17-year-old and student at John Paul II High School. In December 2021, he passed away from fentanyl poisoning. We are grateful to the Borum family for choosing our organization and supporting this important endeavor to save the lives of teens.

Your contributions will be added to those raised by the Vaughn-Thomas Borum Teen Counseling Fund through local community events.

Donate to Emotional Support

Counseling is one of the least known yet most important programs at Catholic Charities.
Every year, we help thousands of people of all ages understand and heal from trying situations. We offer program for adults, families, and children as well as counselors who specialize in the trauma counseling for victims of crime.
The last 12 months have been difficult for many people for many reasons beyond their control. The healing in some cases could take years.
You support for Catholic Charities will make sure our counseling staff are ready and available when needed.