Tennessee Serves Neighbors

Tennessee Serves Neighbors will expand Catholic Charities, Diocese of Nashville’s successful Family Resources Center model over the next two years to more counties that are part of the Diocese of Nashville. 

Catholic Charities expects to add services in five counties in 2020-21, including Montgomery, Maury, Marshall, Bedford, and Coffee counties. The following year, the program will expand to add Grundy, Warren, White, Dekalb, and Putnam counties. 

We’re Hiring

Tennessee Serves Neighbors is hiring Program Coordinators in Bedford, Coffee, Marshall, and Montgomery counties. See full job descriptions and how to apply on our jobs page.

What is a Family Resource Center

A family resource center is a central location where residents can come to receive a wide variety of services, including help in an immediate crisis as well as ongoing services that reduce the overall reliance on government services. 

Catholic Charities currently has two successful centers in Nashville:

Catholic Charities’ goal is to have a multi-generational impact in the counties served. Orr said “Tennessee Serves Neighbors” will provide both a safety net for families in crisis and enhanced services that foster independence from government support for multiple generations. The program will focus on job training, life skills (e.g. financial management), and building healthy, stable families. A key partner in each county will be healthcare providers who will help people manage their health and navigate resources in their region. 

Local Teams

Each Family Resource Center will have a dedicated team of 3-4 people who understand and champion the unique needs of their community every day.

All teams will have access the collective expertise and experience of Catholic Charities through the Country Expansion Program director who oversees Tennessee Serves Neighbors.

Leveraging the Catholic Church Network

Catholic Charities will leverage the large Catholic Church parish network to provide volunteers and family mentors. Ultimately, Tennessee Serves Neighbors could become a model for other Catholic Charities agencies serving East and West Tennessee.

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