Ahmad Mohammad


Hello, my name is Ahmad*, and I was born in Afghanistan, Kabul on April 28, 1991. I have 11 siblings, and my religion is Islam-Muslim.

My native languages are Dari and Pashtu, and my secondary language is English.

In 2009, I finished high school and in 2011 I went to college to study computer science.

In 2015, I finished my degree and started working with a contracting company for the US Army. My role was VSAT Technician, and I had to control the network communications.

Then I worked for 6 years in a telecommunications company where I helped with software development for the Afghanistan’s government.

In August 2021 unexpectedly and through a call, I found out that I had only two hours to leave my country with my wife and child for security reasons after the Taliban took over the country completely.

I had to leave all my belongings, my car, my house, my money, and with only the few things we could pack, we traveled to the United States with my pregnant wife and my little son.

We were received at a military base in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. We were there for 2 months and then our case was transferred to Tennessee, specifically to Catholic Charities where my family and I have received constant and comprehensive help such as food stamps, a place to stay, health services -especially for my wife, and continuous orientation and referrals from our case worker.

Then I found out that there was an open position at Catholic Charities related to my career and decided to apply. After applying and being given the opportunity to work at this agency, I have always been very grateful because I was able to see how a new chapter in my life was beginning.

I am now here and can offer my family a safe home. In addition to the fact that I’m practicing my profession, and I’m processing my asylum status. Following the legal path is always the right decision. For now, I have parole for two years.

Finally, my goal in life is to be as independent as possible, to be self-sufficient and to try my best to work hard, without depending on the government or other people, I just want a safe place for myself and my family.

*Name has been changed for safety reasons.

Interesting Facts About Afghanistan

  • Home to the world’s oldest oil paintings.
  • Since the use of the first flag in 1709, Afghanistan has had 26 different flags.
  • Afghanistan has one of the youngest populations in the world. 67% of the population is under the age of 25.
  • Poetry is a cherished staple of Afghan culture. Afghans have shared their stories through verse for over 1,000 years.
  • The treasured national dish called Kabuli (or Qabli) Pulao consists of slow-cooked meat in a dome of gently seasoned rice with lentils, raisins, carrots, ground cardamom and nuts.

A view of Kabul, Afghanistan