Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery preparedness and assistance in Nashville and other communities impacted by natural disasters

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Nashville plays a vital role in disaster recovery when natural disasters strike in the Nashville community. We are proud to be an active member of the area-wide Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) group, which is coordinating the recovery activities of many nonprofit organizations in Nashville, as well as the Management Agency Housing Taskforce. 

Our work includes short-term assistance, such as emergency cash assistance and meals, to long-term recovery, such as counseling and job-training. We also open our community facilities to other organizations providing ongoing disaster relief and recovery.

2020 demonstrated the need for ongoing disaster preparedness that is ready to help at a moment’s notice. Please consider making a donation to our disaster relief efforts so we can be well-prepared when the next disaster happens.

2021 Flood Assistance

*New* — Catholic Charities is now accepting applications for flood assistance. We can help with:

  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Utility payments
  • Food assistance
  • Therapy

Catholic Charities is also part of Nashville’s Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster  (VOAD).  You can call the crisis helpline at (615) 244-7444, or visit nashvilleresponds.com/assistance to register for help.

Language translation services are available.

2020 Disasters in Middle Tennessee

We took a lead role during the flood of 2010, assisting our neighbors for nearly two years.

In 2020, we offered a wide range of supports, and our efforts are still ongoing as we help with long term recovery in North Nashville, East Nashville, Hermitage, and Mount Juliet.

We are the only agency funded by a federal grant to provide relief to survivors of the Christmas Day bombing in downtown Nashville. Visit NashvilleStrong2021.org to view details about our recovery program.

Catholic Charities serves on the steering committee of the Nashville Volunteers Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD). The VOAD advocates for preparedness, ensures coordination among Middle Tennessee agencies during a disaster, and manages long-term recovery efforts to restore communities to pre-disaster norms or better.

Helping Our Neighbors in Other States

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Nashville received a number of out-of-state donations to support relief efforts for the 2020 tornadoes that struck Middle Tennessee.

Our future disaster-relief programs will support other parishes and Catholic Charities organization around the nation, as we did when Hurricane Laura damaged the Gulf Coast. Our team contacted Catholic Charities Southwest Louisiana about top needs, put out a call for donations, and sent a tractor trailer full of supplies to Louisiana. We also made a $15,000 donation.

Disaster Recovery Services
2020 Tornado Recovery

Short-term and long-term recovery assistance for anyone impacted by disasters

Nashville Strong 2021

Recovery assistance for individuals and business impacted by the bombing in Downtown Nashville

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We are grateful for your support in helping our neighbors.
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Disaster Recovery

As proud members of Nashville Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, Catholic Charities plays a key role in disaster preparedness in the area. We were excited to be a site for August’s month city-wide drill that will ensure that for future needs, volunteers can be mobilized in a central location before deployment where they are most […]

Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery

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