Mission, Vision, Strategies


Following Christ’s example, we recognize the dignity of all people and serve our neighbors.


As a living example of Christ, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Nashville, is widely recognized and respected as a leading charitable organization, delivering sustainable impact throughout Middle Tennessee.


We proudly embrace our Catholic identity.

Our Catholic Identity impacts our culture, our decisions, our service design, and interactions; how we build partnerships and our brand; and, how we communicate internally and externally. 

We respond to changing community needs with mission-aligned services and strategic partnerships across Middle Tennessee.

As Jesus responded to the needs of his time, so we respond. Our service to others is rooted in Catholic social teaching and we respond strategically so that our efforts result in sustained positive outcomes for those we serve.

We commit to sustaining our organization through strong financial development, clear program accountability, and profound cultural integrity.

As Catholics we are called to works of mercy; we accept this call with humility and great enthusiasm. It is with this spirit that we invite others to support these works; clearly demonstrate their efficacy; and, do so within a culture that reflects the love of Christ.


 Adopted June 2018