Basic Needs Campaign 2023


Reynaldo and his wife Silvia both work two jobs to earn enough to make a home for their young sons. They
juggle work shifts to share parenting duties. Despite stretching every dollar, they struggle every month to
make ends meet. They just found out their rent went up. And inflation is making even the basics unaffordable.

When they found out their one car needed new tires, they were about to give up hope. A Christmas meal and
toys for the children now seemed impossible. Even so, they are grateful for the many blessings that they have.
And then their friend told them about Catholic Charities.

Reynaldo is one of our neighbors. And our caseworkers helped parents like Reynaldo and Silvia every day of this year with Basic Needs:
• Paid utility bills and rent so that they could put their cash towards unexpected expenses like car repairs
• Found housing that was better suited to their family’s needs and financial resources
• Provided life-skills counselors who coached them on how to overcome the anxiety and stress that comes with a busy working family
• Scheduled financial literacy classes where they learned that they are not the only ones with money woes and got helpful training on managing their household budget

We are so grateful to Susan, our case manager at Catholic Charities. We never expected to need help, but we prayed about it. The Lord has sent an angel to guide us and help our family.

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