School Counseling

We provide professional counseling for students and their families at many of the parochial schools within the diocese. Our role is to help students recognize and deal with problems in school or in their personal life. We encourage parents to be actively involved in counseling services that can benefit their children.

Our counselors have advanced degrees in counseling or related fields and are able to identify special needs of children and families, and are able to provide appropriate referrals to community resources.

Rainbows for All Children

This program is for children enrolled in kindergarten through eighth grade who are members of single-parent families or blended families who are experiencing significant change in their life and dealing with loss. There are programs in multiple locations in Nashville and middle Tennessee to help children and their parents adjust to family issues, including divorce, separation, or death.

Click here for more information from the State of Tennessee on matters of interest to children.

Kim Morris, LCSW, Clinical Services Director

2806 McGavock Pike
Nashville, TN 37214

(615) 760-4415