School-Based Services

Catholic Charities provides counselors to seven PreK-8 schools in the Diocese, including St. Edward, St. Joseph, St. Ann, St. Patrick, St. Pius, Holy Rosary, and Immaculate Conception.

We serve students through:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group Therapy or Workshops: examples include grief and loss, divorce, military families, making friends, anxiety.
  • Crisis counseling and intervention
  • Classroom workshops for social-emotional development: examples include emotional regulation, mindfulness, kindness, anti-bullying, empathy, conflict resolution, etc.

We serve families through:

  • Consultations and referral
  • Family sessions for students who are clients
  • Parenting resources and workshops

We serve teachers through:

  • Consultations for teachers and principals on addressing social, emotional, or behavioral concerns in the classroom
  • Training or education on issues like trauma, identifying and reporting abuse, suicide prevention, bullying, etc.

School-Based Services Team:

  • Melissa Smith, LMSW, Clinical Program Manager
  • Julie Bolles, LMSW, Compliance Program Manager
  • Meg Braun, MSSW (St. Patrick School)
  • Tandy Jackson, LPC (Holy Rosary Academy)
  • Amanda Marshall, LMSW (St. Joseph School and St. Pius X Academy)
  • Laura Ross, MFT (St. Edward School)
  • Jennifer Washburn, LMSW (St. Ann School)


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Melissa Peterson Smith, LMSW, Clinical Program Manager
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