Youth Refugee Program

Youth services is comprised of multiple programs designed to support and prepare newly arrived refugee, asylee, and migrant youth for success in the United States.

Refugee Youth Program

The Refugee Youth Program is a trauma-informed afterschool and summer program for refugee, asylee, and migrant children. The program seeks to mitigate the impact of complex trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences while providing academic support and enrichment to children whose education has been interrupted by violence, poverty, oppression, and discrimination.

Youth Mentoring Programs

There are two programs designed to provide trauma-informed one-on-one mentoring to refugee youth. The Youth Mentor Program serves youth ages 9-17 with a focus on relationship building, guidance, and support. The TOR Mentor Program serves youth ages 15-24 in the areas of post-secondary education and career development.

Coping and Resiliency Support

The Coping and Resiliency Support Program is designed to provide trauma-informed coping skills groups to youth based on the Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC) model.

School Impact Case Management

The Refugee School Impact Program is designed to support the success of refugee children in school through parent orientation, school readiness, and school case management.

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