Funding Now Available to Assist Ukrainians
Added Sep 13, 2022

Catholic Charities has funding available to assist Ukrainians who have come to the United States while fleeing war in their home country.

We can help individuals and families with housing, utilities, healthcare, employment assistance, education for school-aged children and a host of other services.

This funding is available immediately but will expire on Oct. 31.

If you know of an individual or family needing assistance, please contact our agency at (615) 352-3087 or have the family reach out. Our team will be happy to help them apply.

Many of the Ukrainians who have entered the country since the war started in their homeland are designated as “humanitarian parolees.” This means they are allowed by the federal government to be in the United States for up to two years based on an urgent humanitarian need. They must apply for and be granted refugee status if they want to remain in the United States permanently. This designation also allows them to receive aid from organizations like ours.

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