How to help with Waverly floods
Added Aug 23, 2021

Catholic Charities has received a number of calls and emails from people asking how they can assist our Waverly and Humphreys County neighbors impacted by this weekend’s flooding.

We recommend that you direct any donations to the Community Resource Center (CRC). The CRC team is is making multiple trips a day to Waverly with food and essential supplies for the flood victims.

You can make a financial donation on the CRC website at

If you are interested in donating supplies, here is CRC’s list of most needed emergency supplies and CRC drop off locations.

Catholic Charities is proud to support the CRC and other organizations on the front lines in Humphreys County. When called, we will be there to provide long-term recovery services and support that are vital for a full recovery. Please look for updates about our work and how you can help.

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