IN HIS OWN WORDS: Thanks for the chance to talk!
Added Mar 26, 2020

The following message recently came to our Disaster Relief call center:

I am looking… Hmmm? What am I looking for… Honestly I’m not sure.

I lost my job a few weeks back from this coronavirus mess. I was planning on moving back at the 1st of March but everything got halted & changed so fast. I was staying in a hotel for a week thinking “April’s not that far I can manage till then, pick up extra shifts, stay here and move in to an opening after the first” but that changed with being laid off/let go.

I’ve been sleeping in my car for 10 days now. Less than 10 bucks to in my pocket. I’ve had a little help w/food from a sister out of town, but she and her husband are going through their own issues w/work loss. I know there are many folks struggling right now.

I’ve never been one to ask for help more give than take. I’ve filed for unemployment, but that’s weeks away from processing and receiving. Less than $200 per week but hey it’s something right so I’m blessed.

I could use help w/minimal stuff. Yes a place to live would be nice but honestly more concerned w/getting gas in my car to hopefully get to one of these jobs I’ve applied for in the last few days. Having a little money to go to the laundry mat, buy a toothbrush or Advil if I needed to. I’m not homeless or indigent even if my circumstance appears that way.

I could work for whatever you have to offer. If it’s washing windows, cleaning toilets, whatever. I just need help bridging the gap during this crazy mess. I’ve never not worked…had the same job for 6 years now. I’ve been looking, folks are not able to hire right now and those that can are slammed w/application requests. I’m not sitting around crying about it all.

God is not letting me suffer. I pray a little more these days but in a different way. More talking w/Christ than before. I’m in good spirits, healthy, not starving, staying positive despite the obstacles.

I know I’ve rambled here but I’ve not had normal contact for weeks and needed to just chat & open up even if it’s just w/my finger typing on a phone. I don’t know what if any help y’all can provide me and even if you have none I’ll be ok.

My thoughts and prayers are w/you at this moment that you and your family and co-workers are all safe and blessed. If nothing else you’ve given me a chance to open up let my mind and soul be emptied out a bit. For that alone I thank you.

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