Give to Area of Greatest Need

Catholic Charities does so much to help so many people. At the same time, it’s impossible to anticipate every challenge that our clients will face month to month if not week to week.

Your donation will be used where it is needed most right now to help the most people. This flexibility allows us to respond at a moment’s notice when our neighbors are in need.

Donate to Support for New Americans

An important part of Catholic Charities’ work is helping those who have been displaced — whether from their homes or their home countries. It has been part of our mission since our founding nearly 60 years ago.

Catholic Charities is Tennessee’s lead agency for resettling refugees, Asylees, Cuban and Haitian entrants, victims of trafficking, Amerasians, and Special Immigrant Visa (SIV). Anyone eligible to be resettled has been vetted by the Department of State and purposefully placed in our programs.

We often receive notice of 24 hours or less that a new family will be resettled in Tennessee. Your donations will ensure our team is able to help New Americans acclimate as quickly as possible and become productive citizens here in their new country.

Basic Needs Campaign

Heather, a young mother, is exhausted and desperate for sleep, as she comforts her child late at night. She is worried for her family, as they face the threat of eviction. A new landlord has hiked up the rent, her childcare provider isn’t available during her assigned work shifts, and her car needs repairs. Her dream of serving a Thanksgiving meal or putting a few simple gifts under the tree for the children is evaporating.

Heather is one of our neighbors. She wonders, should she pay the rent and not the utilities? Could a food pantry be the best next step, so that her dollars can go for other bills? Where will she turn?

Our caseworkers helped moms like Heather every day of this year with Basic Needs:

  • Paid utility bills so that she could get on solid ground again
  • Found housing that was better suited to her family’s needs and financial resources
  • Life skills counselors coached her into believing in herself and really walking the walk of the love of Christ
  • Support groups helped her see that she was not the only one with money woes and inspired her to have hope

When things improved, she volunteered to serve meals at our feeding sites, like Loaves and Fishes, to pay it forward. That’s healing.

Your gift to Catholic Charities Basic Needs program will ensure that Heather and everyone like her can feel safe and supported this holiday season.

Donate to Emergency Assistance

Catholic Charities is often the place people call when they have nowhere else to turn. Our Emergency Assistance program is all about creating stability so people can begin piecing their lives back together.
The most requested Emergency Assistance items are diapers for infants, assistance with overdue rent, and assistance with overdue utilities. Beyond that, we help our neighbors in need grocery cards so they can provide for their families and even bus passes so they can get to work.
It’s impossible to think about much when you in crisis. Emergency Assistance provides that lifeline.
Much of the support for Emergency Assistance comes from individual donations like yours.

Donate to Housing Stability

Housing security has the potential to be the next big crisis to hit Nashville.
Rental assistance is the #1 reason that people call Catholic Charities for help. There are nearly 2,000 Nashville evictions cases pending in court. When the national moratorium on evictions ends on March 31, Nashville could see a flood of evictions.
Your donation to Housing Security ensures that families, especially those with school-aged children, maintain a stable home even through difficult circumstances.

Support Teen Counseling

Catholic Charities provides mental health counseling for teens in several Catholic schools across the Diocese of Nashville. Our counseling team has expertise in many fields, including depression, trauma, victims of violence, and much more.

Catholic Charities is honored to be a beneficiary of the Vaughn-Thomas Borum Teen Counseling Fund. Vaughn-Thomas Borum was a vibrant, healthy 17-year-old and student at John Paul II High School. In December 2021, he passed away from fentanyl poisoning. We are grateful to the Borum family for choosing our organization and supporting this important endeavor to save the lives of teens.

Your contributions will be added to those raised by the Vaughn-Thomas Borum Teen Counseling Fund through local community events.

Donate to Family Resource Centers

Family resource centers are locations where individuals and families can find most of the help they need in a single place. The staffs at Catholic Charities’ family resource centers are experts at helping clients navigate a short-term crisis and find long-term support to enrich their lives.

Catholic Charities has operated family resource centers for more than 20 years. Our flagship family resource center is Catholic Charities at C. E. McGruder in North Nashville. We also have the Catholic Charities Family Resource Center at Casa Azafrán in South Nashville.

In 2021, Catholic Charities opened new family resource centers in surrounding counties as part of the Tennessee Serves Neighbors program.


Donate to Hunger Relief

Hunger relief is one of Catholic Charities’ vital ministries.

In 2020, Loaves & Fishes did not miss a single meal despite the pandemic thanks to great creativity by the team and community partnerships.

Hunger relief efforts also include food pantries at multiple locations where families experiencing food insecurity can pick up nutritious staples. Catholic Charities is also exploring the expansion of to-go meals served prepared in partnership with local restaurants.

Your support will allow Catholic Charities to help more individuals, older adults, and families experiencing food insecurity.

Donate to Emotional Support

Counseling is one of the least known yet most important programs at Catholic Charities.
Every year, we help thousands of people of all ages understand and heal from trying situations. We offer program for adults, families, and children as well as counselors who specialize in the trauma counseling for victims of crime.
The last 12 months have been difficult for many people for many reasons beyond their control. The healing in some cases could take years.
You support for Catholic Charities will make sure our counseling staff are ready and available when needed.

Donate to Disaster Relief

Catholic Charities must always be prepared for the next disaster. 

Whether the catastrophic floods in 2010 or the destructive tornadoes in 2020, our team will always been available to help our neighbors in need through a disaster.

We know from experience that disaster recovery comes in two phases. There is the immediate relief, repair, and replacement of lost possessions. Then there is the long-term recovery of helping people recover emotionally and psychologically from the impact of a disaster. Catholic Charities has the team and expertise to provide both short-term assistance and long-term recovery.

Donate to Job Training

A new job provides not only economic security but a sense of meaning.
Catholic Charities supports three job-training programs that prepare people for in-demand careers:
The Sewing Training Academy teaches industrial sewing so student can work in the garment industry or become an entrepreneur.
Latinos in Finance prepares students for careers in banking
The Culinary Training Institute places students in commercial kitchens throughout Nashville’s hospitality industry
Your support provides opportunities for students who might otherwise have difficult affording courses the chance to start a new a meaningful career.

Sewing Training Academy Scholarship

The Sewing Training Academy teaches student industrial sewing so they can find a job in Nashville’s growing fashion industry or become an entrepreneur.

Your donation to the The Sewing Training Academy Scholarship Fund will help provide scholarships to students who cannot afford the classes.

Love Hope + Healing Aprons

Treat your loved ones (or yourself) to a yummy, plummy colored 100% heavyweight cotton duck apron, hand-made in Nashville by students of The Sewing Training Academy (STA), a workforce development program of Catholic Charities. This unique program teaches students the skill of industrial sewing for the purpose of employment and entrepreneurship; all apron proceeds directly benefit STA.

The aprons feature our tagline, “Love, Hope, Healing.” Adjustable neck strap, long tie waist strap, and a lap pocket for your many tools, kitchen or otherwise. One size fits most.

$50 each (plus $5 shipping and handling on each order)


Length: 33″
Waist straps: 2 at 34″ each