Mac Hardcastle

After more than 30 years of raising money for charities as a volunteer, serial entrepreneur Mac Hardcastle came to his senses and turned professional. He was among the founding members of two now publicly traded start-ups before forming the consulting group Dramatic Improvement, Inc. (a Leadership Management, Inc. company) in New York City in 2002. Since that time he has been helping organizations, sales teams and individuals achieve ambitious growth targets through interim consulting positions and seminars as well as internal “titled” positions. He has served as a talk show host for WTN 99.7FM in Nashville, Publisher and CEO of Medical News, Inc., and Sales Director for HealthStream and many others. In 2015 he served as a partner at Loudoun Equity before moving into Non-Profit Advancement at Alive Hospice in 2018 and now serves as Deputy Executive Director of Development and Philanthropy at Catholic Charities.

Hardcastle is a cum laude graduate of Davidson College and was not a contemporary of either Woodrow Wilson or Steph Curry but can play basketball better than one of them. He holds numerous professional certifications, most of them worthless, from Leadership Management, Inc., Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University, the Center for Non-Profit Management and many other organizations.