Sewing Training Academy

The Sewing Training Academy (STA) is helping to bridge the gap between the lack of workers skilled in industrial sewing and the abundant jobs available in the field.

The STA is a program of Catholic Charities and was established in collaboration with the Van Tucker, formerly of the Nashville Fashion Alliance (NFA). Since our inaugural class in August 2015, we’ve trained more than 250 students in industrial sewing.

Our goal is to be a hub, not only a trusted source for employers to find great sewers to join their team, but also a place where students can learn a trade and find their own road to success. We exist to help people better their lives through sewing.

In January 2021, the STA will go offering building blocks sewing courses to a 1-year program with the option of certification. Students will have three distinct career options:

These three pathways are in response to jobs and opportunities that exist in the Nashville area. All students will begin their STA coursework with the Production Sewing Intensive (this course replaces Level I Foundations), which will lay a sturdy groundwork for the 3 separate programs. The Production and Alterations Pathways certified as a technical degrees and last 14 months along with apprenticeships. The Sewing Entrepreneurship Pathway lasts 1-year but does not currently offer an official sewing certification.

The Sewing Training Academy also offers Recreational Sewing Courses. These classes are open to all and are the perfect way to venture into sewing as a hobby before committing to a career course track.

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