Career Pathways

After students finish the Production Sewing Intensive, an 8-week course, all students will do two weeks of Orientation to Manufacturing and Career Survey.

From this point students will branch off into their respective pathways. In Orientation to Manufacturing students learn the ropes of working in a production facility and create a small batch of goods as a team. In Career Survey students will hear from a variety of guest lecturers from the sewing field.

Production Specialists

Following these initial classes, aspiring Production Specialists will enter their paid apprenticeships in the STA Production Facility, aka Anchor SewShop. The STA manufacturing facility will be a production partner for the ISAIC certification, which is approved by the Department of Labor and offers a nationally recognized certification. Students must complete a 1-year apprenticeship under the ISAIC guidelines to get their sewing certification. Other production apprenticeship opportunities will also be available. Students who choose to do either the Alterations Specialist or Sewing Entrepreneur paths will also be welcome to work part-time in the production facility, as it works into their schedules. This is not mandatory but is available for those who need part-time work during their training year.

Alterations Specialists

Aspiring Alterations Specialists will begin their year-long apprenticeships with one of our local alterations partners.

Sewing Entrepreneurs

Sewing Entrepreneurs will continue in their coursework by taking additional courses in garment sewing, pattern drafting, and business, which will culminate in our student marketplace, SewPOP at the end of the year. By the end of the year students will learn the skills they need to build their own brand and offer a sewn product for sale at the student marketplace. SewPOP will also act as a celebration and recognition ceremony for students in all three pathways.

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