Trishawna Quincy

Trishawna grew up in a fabric store. Her sewing education began at age five, when she secretly used her mother’s serger to give her a birthday gift. Her mother, grateful for her gift, recognized her daughter’s talent, and decided to begin Trishawna’s sewing education a few years earlier than planned.

Trishawna spent her childhood summers in her family basement building award-winning 4-H projects with matching props and singing country radio. This pretty much sums up who she is today.

At 18, she had 13 years of experience driving a sewing machine, compared to just two years behind the wheel of a car. She decided to take advantage of this and pursue higher education from her in fashion design. Her undergraduate degree in Apparel and Textile Design is from the University of Nebraska, and her graduate degree in Fashion Design is from Domus Academy in Milan.

Trishawna spent 10 years on the West Coast as a swimsuit designer, but ultimately decided she had strayed too far from her roots. She needed a job that would keep her closer to the fabric, but her desire also led her to Catholic Charities, where she has run the Sewing Training Academy since August 2015.
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